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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pitlochry 200k

So take 1 x 210k audax add 1 25k ride to get there add in fixed wheel and a pannier and 1 unbroken in brooks saddle and what do you get ?

I dunno.

Today was fun actually not sure why but it was. Legs dont hurt as much as they should for some reason probably due to the lactic acid getting thrown to the far corners of the universe as my legs rotate at 173rpm.

Arbroath to forfar-pitlochry - tummel bridge - kinloch rannock - tummel bridge - queensview - pitlochry -over moulin moor - kirkmicheal -down glen isla and home as shown in the map.

From Drop Box
The bike in question although it had a pannier on it for today !

Brooks saddle - although no broken in it got noticably softer today (ive only done 250k previously on it and took a risk with today) but its the first time ive covered this distance on anything other than my ochterergonomo (tm) saddle and not had sores or numbness. A huge thumbs up from me , all the old geezers at these audaxs aint just buying into folklore they actually work !

Few stats from the day
  • 8.3 million inches were cycled during the audax or 210k
  • Average cadence of 70RPM
  • Average speed of 25kph
  • Max cadence of 173rpm at 61.5KPH
  • Min cadence of 8rpm at 3.5 KPH (think trackstand with slight forward motion and lots of body english)
Map below

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