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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Dundee Thistle 25TT

Well since the start of the year Euans been challenging me to go for a sub hour on a 25TT.

The Dundee thistle TT on a road i know is an ideal road for having a crack. Glamis Junction to Coupar angus , round the roundabout and back as fast as you can.No tactics no nothing.

Got Jamies Merida Scultura EVO907 AGAIN , fitted my tribars AGAIN and pedaled hard again !

Wasnt sure how it would go , got to the roundabout in Coupar Angus at 31mins , meaning i had gone too slow on the outward leg. I didnt feel like i was giving 100% but i wanted to make sure i had gas for the home stretch. As it happened i had a slight tailwind on the way home and sat between 25 and 30mph for the whole distance. Passing several people who had gone out too hard and blown up (evident by the way they had sat up off the tri bars and were twidling little gears to get home).
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[At the turn - photo by James Lyons]
The last climb on the course is hell , i could feel my legs dwindling away and the speedo going down and down to 17mph , then at the top i managed to wind the compact gearing back up to 30mph and held it all the way to the line watching the time on the flightdeck creep ever closer to the hour.

I recorded a 59:35 on the flightdeck but the official time is a 59:27 which im very happy with. Scope to take more off this yet im sure !
From Bicycle riding in scotland

[In Meigle on the return - Photo by "fatdave" of Dundee Thistle]

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