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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hilly TT midweek league

With my dodgy knee and achillies handling the Drumtochty challenge i chose to test them a bit harder with the ABC 14 mile Hilly TT over Carrot hill and harecairn.

Set off third from last with Neil Raitt and Euan Ritchie firmly on my tail and Euan out seeking revenge for me beating him last year i was a marked man. The start felt ok , and i caught up Neil Scott and Dougal Dargie Grinding silly large gears up carrot hill. Something ive worked hard on over winter is my ability to spin as ive always been a grinder and its made a noticable improvement in my cycling abilitys (when im not injured) So after twiddling an easy gear past them on the climb i then set about catching Scott who was in sight. He was caught just at the top of the climb and proceeded to pressure me all the way down the other side, something he does really well. Once we turned back onto the wellbank road i managed to climb away from him and catch up with Jayne and eventually at the monikie junction i caught Euan Mcarthur the man at the front.

At this point i realised i was doing well and just thrashed my legs as hard as i could but to no avail , shortly after i came in Euan Ritchie came in cutting 1min 15 off my time and pushing me into second !

Round 5: Hilly 14mile TT
Date: 12 May 2009
Position Name Time Points
1 Euan Ritchie 0:36:32 30
2 Terry Davidson 0:37:46 28
3 Neil Scott 0:41:09 26
4 Neil Raitt 0:41:20 24
5 Scott Davidson 0:42:08 22
6 Euan McArthur 0:43:35 20
7 Jayne Taylor 0:46:58 18
8 Dougal Dargie 0:48:46 16

another excellent result for Jayne especially since she still has a flat barred road bike and no tri bars (both about to change)

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