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Monday, 1 September 2008

SXC MUDFEST round 6 , drumlanrig

Driving down the road somewhere between glasgow and the a702 and it became apparent that my tire choice of kenda small block 8s were not the tires for the day. What was a lovely morning turned into a deluge of water falling from the sky at an alarming rate.

[Junior start .....look at Kenta !!!]
none the less we continued to the race and started a practice lap in the rain.
[Scott doing the feed for Neil in vets]
[Me doing a CX remount after a twin brake failure]

the heckler performed flawlessly on the roots and its articulated rear end(read flexy) coped with the switchback twists rik built for us no bother. but the tires showed there weakness when i couldnt ride round the arena without the back wheel just spinning in the deep wet grass/mud type stuff. Nothing short of what i expected

enter team star , Mike Milne with his sore knee which saw him drop out of the Veterans race but whos tires were then up for grabs for the afternoon race. A tactical choice saw me leave the Kenda SB8 on the front and put his 1.95 cinder on the rear. What a difference ! what i will say though is that an SB8 on the front on the roots wasnt a bad choice when the pressure was lowered to about 25-30 psi

Big thanks must go to rik for an excellent course and for showing the vets how its done on SS

I ended up 4th on the day. My brakes failed late in the 3rd lap , by failed i mean pulling the lever to the bars resulted in nothing happening !

[cause of my brake failure]

After moray i replaced my pads with some new Fibrax organics not knowing that drumlanrig mud is second only to Strathpuffer mud for eating pads !
i had to do my last lap and a half on zero brakes performing cx style dismounts for the technical downhill sections which wasnt the fastest and IMHO cost me 3rd place .......
sintered from now on !

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Paul C Smith said...

I have to say, your pads looked *slightly* worse than mine. Mine were sintered but still only lasted maybe 2-3 laps before I could here the metal to metal grind... oh dear. Superb race though, I love those sorts of conditions, as you have to adopt a really smooth riding style, you can't get away with attacking tech sections like in the dry.