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Saturday, 27 September 2008

it couldnt end smoothly could it ?

Glentress SXC final round

before the race i felt good , felt i could do it , felt it was in hand

i began my last lap with the same feeling , i also thought "im ahead of chris , its worth pushing harder to make the 30 seconds up on karl" ..... who knows whats happened to chris behind me !

3rd should have been in the bag , second could have been on the cards. i pushed hard , gareth montgomorie came past to lap me i thought , ideal ill just join the pain train and stay with him and he`ll pull me to karl. just away to start the climb up the red switch backs to the spooky wood fireroad and my legs just screamed stop , they cramped up solid and just made me stop .

i couldnt stop the pain and literally had to stop , drink and watch 5 people take past me,

got the feeling back , hit the gas made up 2 places again putting me back in contention for third. i hit the last climb about 2 mins from the finish and just died of death! Allan and Tim both past me and i had to settle for 4th over all for the season

not gonna let it get me down , Reading the bikebiz in the bog at work this week and i found the musings of BikesnobNYC to cheer me up a bit !

" the less you paid for your equipment, the more your placing is worth. If you cross the line on a $1,000 bike at the same time as a rider on a $6,000 bike, you essentially won, because you spent 5,000 fewer dollars in order to do it. Sure, $5,000 may buy you a fraction of a second here or there in the form of aerodynamics or lighter weight, but saving $5,000 is worth infinitely more in terms of bragging rights. And changing your perception of victory is way cheaper than changing your equipment."
Sounds like a good phillosophy to me. I know for a fact i was on the heaviest, cheapest bike on the grid that day so im taking the moral victory for my self ;)
11th on the day , 4th in Scottish XC series , not bad for my first year doing when im an endurance guy !

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