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Friday, 29 August 2008

Hoy eat yer heart out ........ok maybe not !

inspired by the recent olympic track cycling and the new zealand nationals i saw out in invercargill i decided to take the opertunity of some novice track cycling at the angus bike chain track champs and midweek league round

(hamish closest , me middle , martin harris ouside)
(me doing something)
(me winning the losers final)
(Jamie beasting everyone)

Lets just say concrete tracks are a bit harder to ride than a real velodrome , the two back corners at caird park scared the crap outa me on my flying lap and in my first heat i was heard to say "oh shit" as i entered the corner in a sprint in close quarters with dave
By the end of the night after the 20 lap race though i had the hang of those corners and was able to hang into the pack and make the final sprint
It was a fun night and i may go along for some of the thursday night track league , has to help my leg speed and sprinting power !

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Richard said...

You'll be riding fixed off road before you know it.