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Thursday, 28 August 2008

10 @ Moray

(The start , Spot the meercat)

In true frazer style the weather was shining on him with the sun holding out for the duration of the event

Angus Bike Chain were well represented throughout the catagorys with a rarity of a mixed pairs entry from myself and Jayne. All the other usual suspects were in their respective catagorys

(Mike Milne and Neil Scott performing a surgical change over)

Everyone started as they meant to go on that is to say "quite" fast

As the day went on it became clear that everyone was moving up on the overall table and that there was going to be some prizes won

(photo from www.xpressphoto.co.uk)
Jayne put in an incredible performance for what is only her second MTB race ever and was totally oblivious to the fact we were sat second until i crossed the finish line and told her !

Everyone else performed to the top of their game as well and the whole team attending got on the podium
(3rd Mark Smith 2nd Joe Barnes and 1st Andy Cathcart)

Mark Smith 3rd solo senior

Mike Webster 3rd Solo Vet

Neil Scott and Mike Milne 1st pair Vet

Me and Jayne 2nd Mixed Pairs

(The trophy that Jayne has)

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