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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

summer series round 2

[me running along back straight]
i seem to be racing 2 or 3 times a week at the moment . i have no time to do owt else. not even unpacked car from mayhem ! !!!

so tonight saw round 2 of the summer series duathlon , same format as last time 5k run 20k cycle

i ran the correct way this time , course marked much better.

how ever i felt crap on both the run and the bike just fatigue from the weekend , some of the other guys asked why i was slower this time. they couldnt believe one could ride a bike for a full 24 hours ......then do what i did 3 days later

finished in around about 8th place , right behind cooper , some 2 mins off pace though , i shoulda been able to make that up on the bike against him !

perhaps if i actually do some run training !
[at start line with steve]
anyway time for some rest now , got a day off work tomorrow for some RnR and car emptying. need to recover , ive been eating packets of things .... not packets of crisps , but packets of packets of crisps .....6 packs at a time and bottles of things ....2litre bottles of them ...packets of hobnobs at once. whole tins of potatoes and half a loaf of toast for breakfast. just been so so hungry.

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Clive Wuthering Smith said...

Hey just saw a link to your website and thought id have a browse, ive got to say this is the most inspiration blogs ive read in quite some time, i really am basing my life on you now.

keep me up to date with your exploits