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Monday, 23 June 2008

Mountain Mayhem

[the start , not sure where this came from but roys rides is to be credited for it ]

After my diabolical attempt at a 24 solo at relentless i had to finish this one.

that became my mantra , along with MUST BEAT RICH/CHAR/SASCHA and ive driven 500 miles here im not quitting

[the morning looking good , courtesy of www.shooterz.co.uk]

so i put in a quick first lap to get out of the queues , and an ok second lap and just kept it going. initially pitting every 2 laps for more fluid and some gels. after the lights went on at 8 it got wet and pitting everylap to andy and gordos joyous faces looking at the state of my bike that they had to clean to keep me going. so the routine became , Ride , hop off get it cleaned , eat sugar , drink sugar , ride and repeat

course was good , kept changing and was challenging on every lap esp in the wet

atmosphere was good , everyone was friendly except some members of a team riding in orange. i believe they got there comuppance though.

6th for Dave Powell
11th for me
22nd for Rich Seipp

in the female

9th for Char and 1st singlespeed for Sascha

respectable weekend all round

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