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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

ABC midweek league Rnd 6

As you may notice i havnt been doing all the round of the summer series. round 3 i was on holiday and feeling rough after Fyrish SXC and then round 5 was recovering from Mayhem.

Ive had a week roughly off the bike completely and wondered just how things would go last night. it was hard to get going at a pace i wasnt going to burn out at. one min i knew i was going too fast the next i was going too slow. made some silly errors involving gear choices.

Ive only ever ridden the course at glamis on my Duo(29:42) with an 11:34 rear block but i still had my mayhem gears on in the form of an alivio triple (22:32:44) and an 11:32 rear block which meant i had to use different gears for climbing ...or so i thought . turns out its just as easy to climb(those climbs) in 44:32 as it is in 42:34.

apart from getting lost on the first lap the race was pretty uneventful. took the front on the start straight and held it till the end with mark smith making a couple of threatening speed bursts and catching me up on the start finish straight.

woulda been a much faster race if the Mikes had been there. i was lapping 12 min laps and with them 10.30 laps is normal. but not totally unfeisable for me i wasnt pushing 100% once i got out in front so definantly room to push harder! im sure they will be there next time , 2 days after the Fort William SXC

Round 6: Glamis MTB XC (5 Laps)
Date: 1 July 2008
Name Time Points
1 Terry Davidson 1:00:56 30
2 Mark Smith 01:02:40 28
3 Colin Nicol 01:08:55 26
4 Neil Raitt 01:01:01 (-1 Lap) 24
5 Hamish Lean DNF

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