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Monday, 9 June 2008

Fort william world cup

[Liam Killean looking strong]

[ Connor Mcconvey]
[Willow Koerber]
[Kate Potter]
[Ross Creber ]
[ Marie-Helene Premont ]
[Mens sprint for the top of the climb first lap]

Did my annual pilgramage over to Fort William to volunteer at the world cup.

Another stonking event by rare management + help

stayed with the guys from http://www.descent-world.co.uk/ in the 1970s throwback apartments of central Fort William. Cant have been that bad , the Hermetically sealed Sam Hill was in the house next door !

Marshalled the 4x Xc and the Dh and the weather was great for all of them. Hot dry and dusty with a light breeze to keep them midges away.
ill not bore you with all the other details as everyones reporting on that and this is my blog of my experiances not everyone else ;) so i had a good time and thats what you should take away from reading this

2 pictures of random downhillers i thought looked quite cool , since i was using the photographic equivalent of a hammer and chisel on slate !

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