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Monday, 9 June 2008

Ben Nevis , by bike and by the north face approach

Steep is not the word for this

I only just managed to ride the climbs on 29:32 but it was tough , it climbs just shy of 500 meters in less than 5kms on loose dusty climbs with rocky causeways to negotiate.

This was a recce for a ride incorperating the north face approach and access to the loch half way up the tourist path to allow the decending of the tourist path. The first 5k is ridable the last km or so is a cunt of a push and the descent requires somewhat of a freeride bike. 4 inch front and rear and 160mm rotors are not good enough. I boiled my XT disks for the first time ever as you cant let your self go on the dust there is just no traction to slow down once up to speed. Lots of square edges just crying out to give you pinch flats (of which i gained 2 )

its a ride for a technically skilled very fit rider but theres no reason that all but the km from the hut(deceased) to the loch cant be ridden , i got up to the hut only pushing over the 5 or 6 gullys that had a stepping stone placed aukwardly in the middle which trapped wheels when riding was attempted, the 29er mighta made them BUT id not have ridden up the climbs SS


Richard said...

Nice one Terry. I've run up there a few times, and must say I'd have never considered riding a bike up there.

twinklydave said...


I need to get out into the "proper" hills more this year,

Stuart G said...

Cheers for checking it out Terry - it sounds interesting... Have you done any riding in the Lakes, just wondering how the descent compares to a rocky lakeland one? Weather looks spot on...