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Thursday, 15 May 2008

ABC midweek league round 2

Second round of the midweek league was a 22mile APR

Few more starters this time

Got handicapped with about 10mins over the first group and stuck with Euan whos just a wee bit (alot) quicker than me.

Again shouldnt have been riding because of exams but you need to relax dont you

first group went , 6 mins later second group went 2mins later next group went , 2 mins after that the next group went , then me and Euan went

Got up to the first climb ....bye bye Euan , just couldnt stay on his wheel. Legs felt a bit numb as well like there was no power , i usually excell on the climbing its where i usually do the dropping !
did the rest of the race on my own , caught about 4 people from the first 2 groups. No one in the groups was powerful enough to work with to regain places , all the fast boys were working together up front.

So i just settled down in the end and took 7th

Name Points
1 Mike Webster 30
2 Paul Cooper 28
3 Euan Ritchie 26
4 Neil Raitt 24
5 Dave Millard 22
6 Colin Nicol 20
7 Terry Davidson 18
8 Stef Delaney 16
9 Steve Smith 14
10 Nick Tryon Guest
11 John Dougherty 12

next round is a 5 lap MTB race in glamis station woods , hopefully i can hold my winter form in there ! ....notthings certain though. I appear to have damaged my bicep in this race , its really painful to load. Ill give it some rest and ice and see what happens with it , hopefully its just a minor strain , fyrish next weekend !

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