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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

ABC Midweek league round 1

so the annual midweek league started tonight

7pm at Carmillie hall for a 9 mile time trial (odd number but dont ask me)

low on numbers with a large proportion of the Forfar lads not making it for one reason or another

starters were

my self , Euan , Hamish , Mike W , John , Dave , Colin M & Neil

was a bit apprehensive having raced on sunday to the point where i was cramping badly. Once underway the race went well caught John early on , then caught Mike W who was cursing hell outa not having tri bars on his bike in the headwind along the back straight.

coming back in the long downhill into a headwind at about 52kph on the GPS with a tractor along side attempting to pass and failing ! , hit the final hill , tasted blood ,rode through it and finished in 22 mins and 19 seconds for second place to Euan with a time of 21 mins 17 and third to Neil Rait

Round 1: Carmyllie 9mile TT
Date: 6 May 2008

Name Time Points
1 Euan Ritchie 0:21:17 30
2 Terry Davidson 0:22:19 28
3 Neil Raitt 0:23:08 26
4 Colin Murray 0:23:11 24
5 Dave Millard 0:23:14 22
6 Mike Webster 0:24:13 20
7 John Dougherty 0:28:39 18
8 Hamish Lean DNF

Next week , same start for 1 lap of long course in an APR format

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