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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

jelly babies ...

jelly babies are wonderful thing aint they ?

rode out to freuchie tonight in fife for fife CAs midweek league round 2 because i fancied a crack at a 10mile TT. 71k out and ...warm up then 16k TT and 65 kms back equates to a 160k ride apparently ...

relitively flat 160kms with only 1800meters climbing

5hours 59 taken

2 powerbar gels eaten

1 smart gel eaten

2 bananas eaten

half bag of jelly babies eaten

1 toffee flapjack eaten

2 litres of orange juice drank

i did say this would be a tough weeks training ....i think the actual TT was a mid 25s beat coops which was my only aim :D ill wait till i see the results

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