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Monday, 28 January 2008

the middle ear

just thought id post a bit up about the day job .... im actually uni student atm working on my honours project ...hence i seem to have alot of time i spend infront of the computer waiting on the processor to catch up with what id done when im 3d modelling

i mostly use simpleware (scan ip , scancad and scanFE) materialise (3matics and mimics) and the aim is to process ct scans into a format i can use to perform a frequency analysis in solidworks

so far ive got 2 models built up from the 2 programs (which is not easy when i know more about my backside than i did about my ear when i started !!! )

as you can see from the images above its coming on ok , the first image was modeled in mimics , simplifed in 3matics and then imported into solidworks

the second was made in simpleware using scanip to work with the cd scan , simplified in scan fe then imported into solidworks....

thats enough boring stuff now .... im just passing the time before i go to turbo session

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Anonymous said...

Am interested in Mimics and Simpleware. I am looking to buy one of these systems to generate CFD meshes from CT data. Can you give an indication of which is better?