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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Charity turbo

yesterday saw the dundee uni tri and mtb club do a 10 hour charity turbo in aid of the "disabled athletics clubs" charity

with 2 bikes set up for a relay in borrowed turbo trainers thanks to the mikes at ABC CC we set up the club members in a relay fashion to keep the 2 bikes going for 10 hours

i on the other hand opted to go for the whole shebang my self .....

10 hours on the turbo ....

speedo says backwheel covered 302kms and had a max speed of 88.2kph ....where there was smoke coming off the tire due to the speed of the tire and the reistance of the magnets !

wasnt as hard as i thought and my legs dont feel that bad today at all ! just varied cadence all day from real fast to real slow but lots of resistance and big gears ...

watched die hard , solo24 , family guy , dave gorman on my mp3 player taped to the end of my tri bars !

Good training ...2.5 weeks and counting till i fly to nz CANT wait !

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