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Sunday, 3 February 2008

3000 trouble free miles

then i look down at my bike ....and see the bb wobbling and rough , the brakes not working to great , the seat post is no longer 27.2 along its entire length from being moved up n down , the sprokets both look like ninja death stars and my cranks look like rejects from the skip and my saddle rails are bent beyond belief

so if any one would like to donate the following to the terry singlespeed race bike regeneration project it would be nice ;)

xt hollowtech2 /middleburn square taper chain set with 32tooth surly ring
surly 18tooth cog
pc89 chain
shimano xt brakes (- rotors)
a 27.2 seatpost
a selle italia flite saddle

it would be much obliged , leave it in a brown paper bag next to the bin in the park ....

for now i shall mostly be riding my fixie singlespeed (id hate to see that bill if id done the same 3000miles on my geared bike)

the car is also broken . electrical fault AGAIN so im forced to ride to uni ...30kms each way ...its not a bad ride when you can pick and choose when to do it ..but 5 days a week !!

anyone want to buy a hyundai lantra ? less than 60k on the clock ....

anyone selling a mondeo or primera with the 1.8 or 2 litre TD engine ?

its been a bad week .,..

still 2 weeks tomorrow and ill be on a plane to new zealand !

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