"if you cant find the time to do something right first time - when will you find the time to do it right the second time "

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Moving again .

HAD to get out of the city - the city was killing me.

never been a city fan but equally never one to write something off without trying it.

With that in mind moving to the city onto one of the busiest roads probably wasnt clever !

Now jaynes been given a job at mearns academy which gave me the perfect excuse to get out.

now live right on the trails of drumtochty , fetteresso , durris and swanley hill with a trail network of a couple hundred miles(which will expand once i get started building) all in varying from fire road flowing technical singletrack DH to steep rocky 500m height gain climbs.

the trail head is at my door really - no road work at all to get onto them

we also gained at least double the space of our old flat for 125 quid a month more .... - an extra bedroom , a larger kitchen lounge and bathroom. as well as the quality of the furniture and finishings being about a billion times better.

You know the landlord cares about this place - esp after the vetting process we undertook...

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Alex Doig said...

Brilliant location Terry - you will be spoiled living there. You're getting in some great mileage, will be good to see how far you progress and do in the great divide next year! Have just finished building my latest bike - a nice Pace 325.5; looking forward to some good rides this summer...Now if only I didn't have a Wife, three kids and a dug to think about...LOL. Give me a shout when you're on a 'rest' week and we could do a ride together.