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Sunday, 27 June 2010

shhhh dont tell jayne .....

i often see oakley jawbones in glass cabinets in shops and i look at them lustfully thinking - i like them but i tell my self I cannot justify the price on a pair of glasses.

The other side of me thinks back to how great my old minutes were - how you never noticed them on your face . How you could wear them all day and just forget they were there. No rubbing , no weight , you just forgot they were on !

Because they were in that cabinet i never got to experience that and my subconscious would stop me asking for the glasses out of the case.

i had four hours to kill in george bush intercontinental today - i spotted a sunglasses hut and had a look round. Sure enough there were some jawbones - not in a case just on the shelf I tried them on - looked in the mirror and thought thats it , they look good behind the glass and that glass is the barrier that stopped me buying them in the past but once i stuck them on my face and felt that feeling that only oakley provides of "have i got them on my face or not" it was auto pilot.

The fact they were a fair chunk cheaper than the uk also helped - while still supporting livestrong !

now - dont tell jayne !

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