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Sunday, 20 June 2010

tooooo far

its about that time of year - where i push my body a bit far. 1800k in 4 weekends +12k daily commute in the week

spent last weekend in bed under doctors orders not to ride my bike or do anything strenuous for a couple of weeks.

Severe viral chest infection saw me sent home from work at the end of the week before last. went to the doctors and was told to rest - so rest i did - weekend in bed , drove to see a house on monday and then drove to the west coast - kilchoan on ardnamurchan and read some books and generally chilled while Jayne did some big loops,

and then after the week was up i was due to fly to houston so i watched - ride the divide for the first time ! Seriously epic movie - i challenge you cyclists out there to watch it and not want to compete in the event or at least tour the trail !

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vistaed said...

The tour divide definitely congers up a sense of adventure and intrigue. And ever since I followed Jenn Hopkins GDR ride, I also can't seem to get the idea of riding it out of my head. Maybe 2012 will be my year?