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Monday, 31 May 2010

uk24 hour TT

Have opted for a new challenge this year before i go to equitorial guinea for 4 months. That is to ride the uk 24 hour time trial run by the mersey roads club

in the run up to this ive been taking on some long distance audaxes with some mid wee k TTs

tuesday after 10 under the ben - club 17mile TT 43mins odds - wednesday after that a 10TT 24 odd mins

last saturday i packed up the road bike with my bivy kit and rode from aberdeen up deeside and over glenshee to forfar - then slept by the loch and rode the 200k deeside loop audax the following day - total riding 400k

This saturday i headed for portmahumock and rode the durness duress 300k on saturday (first man home and with 28kph ave) then rode the cromarty cruise 200k on the sunday

Legs feel in good shape and i feel that my road legs are firmly on for the 24 , 24tt on the road bike is going to be a million miles from the 24 on the mtb - but at least i know i have the head for sitting on the bike for 24 !

I think this new level of suffering will stand me in good stead for the tour divide 2012.

the next two weeks will see me riding the snow roads 300 as i did last year - 5000m climbing and then the only for softies 600.

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