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Saturday, 22 May 2010

10 under the ben

its that time of the year again .

Quietly confident in my abilitys after the success at the puffer i lined up near the front for the lemans start. Reached the chaos that was the bikes with little hassle and got going , worked my way up to the front for the decent from the pipe.

2 laps in running in 3rd place i lost a spoke in my rear wheel , resulting in the tire rubbing the frame. Had to stop to repair it to save destroying the frame. Lucky i had a few spares in the van

Got going again , had lost 3 or 4 place managed to get back into my rhythum and just turning the pedals.

Big improvement over last year whereby i had major achillies issues.

The finish of my 9th lap came and i had to stop again , thought my frame had snapped but the course had just taken its toll on my rear wheel to the point that it just flexed really badly under pedaling. Decided that at worst id loose too places and it wasnt worth risking a 90 quid rim to possibly come 8th - different if i was in with a podium shot though !

as it happened i didnt move down at all and stayed in 10th , had i got the 10th lap in it woulda been 8th, live and learn - wheels are off back to whence they came for warrenty due to where the spokes are snapping - my experiance of wheel building tells me that somethings not right - dead center of the spokes , not the threads of the shoulder. Suspect dodgy spokes !

Jayne also soloed and got an excellent 5th place in a really tough field on her new merida HFX. Think the bike gets a thumbs up !

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