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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The wee tri

So as events go it went well - but youd think id learn from my mistakes right ?

Sadly it seems not - how many events do i have to do to learn that if i just did a wee bit of running outside of events i might actually win something ?

400m swim - 6 mins 24 - extatic with that result as i havnt swum since september - although its a distance that takes not very long so you can just beast it and be done with it

10 mile bike ride - on a fixed wheel cyclocross bike - 47 mins something. Not bad - bike was the best of a bad bunch - only bike with more than a 54inch gear (82inch)

this put me into a 2 minute lead over anyone else coming into the run ....

3 mile run took me 30 minutes - thats 10 minute miles ! that SUCKS PB for 3 miles is 18.30 - when i ran a fair bit - thats my first run since january even then it was a sporadic notion that i would do it more often and its shown up pretty well that i didnt !

finished 3rd in the end - beaten in an asmathic sprint to the finish for second

Jayne how ever finished 1st senior lady , coming off the bike in a similar position to my self - ie with a lead , only to be overtaken by a womans vet whos a very good runner ! to finish second overall

Good weather and good results all round

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