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Friday, 8 January 2010

its awfae cold

its the question on everyone in the offices lips - "did you ride in this morning in that ? "

Its been blizzard , its been -15 , its been foot deep snow.

everydays a fun day. Id like to say its because i want to - but some days you look out at back door and think "ill take the car". You force your self onto the bike and walk to the front and see the traffic and remind you self why the bike is a good idea.

Wearing L/S base layer , 200 wt polar tech fleece , stealth jacket, 650 wt down vest , stealth extreme trews , Salomon ski socks , goretex boots , gore balaclava , liner gloves and lobster claws - most clothes ive ever worn on a bike but i was just right temp wise ...

Me in -15 today !

1 comment:

coastkid said...

good on you commuting...been doing the same for last 3 weeks..highlight of the day!..i cant be botherd waiting 20 mins for car to thaw out too...