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Sunday, 27 December 2009

ice and snow and snow and ice

not as many long epics to report on this year for base milage - mostly coming from commuting too and from work and riding round the city.

home in Arbroath for christmas this year though ,significantly colder than NZ this time last year :( been getting the miles in at least
auchmithie ice trails - good representation of the puffer ! on christmas day

riding down the melt water river up the sidlaws on boxing day

all my winter milage this year has been done on singlespeed , both my mtbs and my road bike are all running SS and it seems to keep the legs spinning and the pace down rather than grunting away in monster gears .....

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Paul C Smith said...

Hey, man. Glad to see you are out in the snow! Doing the same up here, road bike hasn't been out in over a week, but i've been using the FS on the snow covered roads and trails instead. All good fun, makes things a tad more challenging, too!