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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Endura kit arrived :D , sids and Ritchey WCS

just got some Endura Stealth equipment for winter training and the puffer

1 stealth jacket
1 stealth extreme bib longs
1 stealth lite bib long
1 pair of deluge gloves

wore them home through the torrential rain and rode through loads of puddles

dry as a bone the stuff really is a work of art - didnt sweat up and wet out from the inside from sweat.

Although the endura Extremes did feel "warm" and would strictly be cold day only kit the jacket with a base layer under was perfect and didnt feel too warm in the slightest even with the vents all shut.

Also got my sids back from warrenty - the lowers were twisted after relentless - common fault apparently. Fisher spotted a leaky motion control so changed it out for a world cup blackbox damper (to replace my basic race motion control) and put on new sid team lowers.

and courtesy of the STW classifieds i have a seat post with 25mm layback to make my Merida fit correctly as the thomson post was "inline" and set me too far over the pedal.


Wayne Farrell said...

Is the stealth jacket as good as they say? it looks minty

Trail_rat said...

yes wayne after 2 months using it in all weathers i can say that the stealth kit is as good as it says on the tin and in reviews ....

venting is a godsend when riding to work - 7am its allways nacker shrinkingly cold when i set off and by the time i get half way up the long drag climb to work im cooking - open vents and all is good in the world