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Sunday, 5 July 2009

New Training bike

After all sorts of issues regarding my Training bike which was
From Bikes and bits

[1990s puch road bike turned into a fixie]

At 54 cm TT it was just too damned small. I decided to stick it up for sale and find something a bit more fitting and along came
From Bikes and bits

Second hand for 200 quid - the guy didnt like singlespeed (nutter) so picked it up stuck on some middleburns i had lying around that wouldnt sell due to being 110 ATB fitting and a surly 14 tooth cog and became very chuffed that the rear wheel could be 42:21 or 42:14 without changing the chainlength due to the length of the drop out just turn the wheel, drop the pads and ride . Great thinking from specialized there. Fits great - really comfy from the box with the stock saddle on which is unknown for me !

Should be a good bike for riding out on friday nights with the ABC mtb ride. 42:14 ride there - 42:21 on the mtb ride ( currently ride 32:16 on a 29er) and then back on 42:14 - should cut down about half an hour on my normal time to get there.

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