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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Angus Bike Chain Hill climb Championships

Its not a race ANYONE in the club looks forward to its roughly 10 minutes of pure lactate inducing vomit nearing hell.

But we all come back for it

Craigowl hill - roughly 200metres climbing in roughly a mile.

sounds not that bad till you realise most of the climbing is done in the first half mile as it goes near vertical - you realise 39-25 isnt quite enough just as you reach the cattle grid at the bottom and it looms over you like a wall!

note the road going up vertically in the distance beyond the cows. It then turns sharp right , goes over another cattle grid and round the side of the hill all the way to the mast on the top. By the top of that vertical bit your legs are in a world of hurt , you wanna spew but you can still see the boy infront.

If you dont colapse over the line then you didnt try hard enough.
I colapsed alright took me ages to get my breath back !

Round 10: Hillclimb Championship
Date: 30 Jun 2009
Name Time
1 Terry Davidson 00:07:49
2 Neil Raitt 00:08:13
3 Mike Milne 00:08:54
4 Hamish Lean 00:09:57
5 Euan McArthur 00:10:13
6 Scott Davidson 00:10:42
7 Jayne Taylor 00:11:01
8 Steve Smith 00:14:15

I got a wee cup with some names on - Only cup ill ever get my name on that James O has his name on im sure !

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