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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dundee Wheelers 10

Not long for recovery after the 200k audax came the dundee wheelers 10mile TT out of Meigle.

Both me and Jayne entered this as our first forae into scottish TT. The starter was a bit of a kit snob commenting on Jaynes poor choice of bike for the event (because her bike was not bought for time trialing) but other than that the competitors seemed friendly enough.

The course although looks flat when driven in the car actually holds some quite even short climbs and a bugger of a headwind on the way to coupar angus that doesnt seem to be a tail wind on the way back either !

With legs feeling akin to jelly after the 200k i pushed as hard as i could and passed 2 folk in front of me to come home with a time of 24.35 , id set a target of 22mins but in the wind it wasnt to be. The winner didnt even break 22mins with a time of 22.10mins.

Jayne came in with a very respectable 28.55 for her first 10mile TT,(winning lady at 26.30) A bit of work with the tri bars will help loads due to me only fitting them late last week they are still quite alien. Hopefully i will get the drop bars and STI units fitted this week after i have serviced her MTB for her to ride while the Roadie is in the workshop !

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