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Monday, 27 April 2009

No evidence ....i wasnt actually there

Yesterdays race was a non event. SXC round 2 was supposed to be my debut into the expert catagory. I didnt get a mention on the results sheet and there are no photos of me ...my performance was that bad im keen to keep it that way !

I might as well have been in a wheel chair. Legs just didnt let me get out of breath.

IT band on the right knee throbbed from the start even with a heavy dose of Vitimin I so i pulled out at the end of the first lap through fear of doing major damage to the knee.

The course was excellent , although i couldnt get the power down on the ups i regained a large number of places through my gung ho downhilling style on the technical rooty downhills which were awesome to ride and showed out the roadies of the pack !

Mike Milne and Neil Scott did great in a veteran field packed of names from the past and some fast irish boys ! 9th and 11th respectivly and Mark Smith also kept his side up with a very respectable 5th place

Hopefully the woman im going to see tomorrow night about sports massage therapy can work some wonders and I`ve also come round to the suggestion i should take up yoga as prevention for injury.

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