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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New plastic ride

Having always been a makedo and mend sorta guy. Receiving a new bike today where everything fitted together and worked as it should first time and very little fiddling needed to make it work as it should was a bit of a shock to the system.

A boxed merida FLX 3500D arrived in the shop today for me.

2 hours later i exited with a nice shiny carbon frame with Sids and mix of XT and XTR.

Weighed it on the scales when i got home and came up with 22.2Lbs

No idea how it rides yet , will find out on sunday going out on a 5 hour ride in the hills with it ..with another guy from the club who has the same bike!

and finally the pictures !

From Bikes and bits

From Bikes and bits

will report back after ive ridden it properly on sunday


jay said...

awesome. Especially that they match. Love the black/red.

twinklydave said...

oooo, very swanky!