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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Booger! & yay!

Slight hinderance with the whole new bike testing day on sunday.

I had a stinking cold complete with smokers cough and snotty nose. I have also developed Tendonitus in my ankles.

The good news is that yesterday I went to the physio, She said best thing to do with it since its not really bad tendonitus and very little swelling and no Bursitus is to keep riding. With that in my mind i set off to the first round of the Angus bike chain summer midweek league.

Round 1 , 8.5 mile TT with 340m climbing

Position Name Time Points
1 Euan Ritchie 0:21:20 30
2 Terry Davidson 0:21:45 28
3 Mike Milne 0:22:31 26
4 Neil Raitt 0:24:03 24
4 Mike Webster 0:24:03 24
6 Dougal Dargie 0:25:26 20
7 Hamish Lean 0:25:49 18
8 Roger Peart 0:26:46 16
9 Steve Smith 0:27:22 14

With my mind at ease about my ankles falling apart i just let my legs go , adrenaline is a wonderful thing and i did not feel any pain till the cycle home :D ....but yesterdays physio made the pain alot less intense than the last few times on the bike.

Off to the IROC adventure race on friday for the weekend. running , orienteering and MTB all under one roof ! guess its my first race of the season really and my first MTB ride on my new bike.

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