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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Iroc adventure race

Stats for my attempt at event

RAN - 3/4s of a marathon with 2000m elevation
cycled - 8k in 30 mins at night then 3hrs and 15 mins in the enduro
Punctured - 5 times
ran out of tubes - twice

For having done no running training i think i did quite well , 5th U23 catagory or 84th out of 186 competitors.

took 12th/2nd U23 in the night MTB time trial , gutted as i got a puncture. Even with the puncture i was only 3 mins off overall win !. ( this was also my first ride on my new merida race bike)

In the enduro the puncture fairy was to stay. On one particularly rocky descent i punctured the rear wheel , then on the next lap the front wheel. Had to get Pauls spares and pump to fix it as i was only carrying a co2 can and a single tube. I punctured another 2 times and then packed up for the day having no tubes left.

Im going to have to review my set up. More PSI and eventually a tubeless set up i think. The rocket rons were also not suited to the rocky terrain , as i was expecting muddy conditions the only other tires i brought were 1.8 fire mud pros and they would have been even worse in the rocks !

You live and you learn and my lacking of toe nails and multitude of blisters have taught me that i shouldnt fell run !

The event its self was very well run from an organisational point of view with only 1 or 2 minor minor snags. The team from inov8 seemed to have thought of everything. Including the great weather we had !


Niall said...

get a stans setup with some decent width tyres, 2.2's at least. Oh, and the tyres have to be UST, absolutely bombproof. Take it from me, i run mavic 717, stans rimstrips and schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 UST, absolutely amazing setup. Consistently run low 25psi.

No excuses for punctures in these days of tubeless.

Trail_rat said...

i have bought a joes no flat kit for the time being. Will fit it after aberfoyle ....dont have time to test ride before aberfoyle and dont really wanna run new stuff in the race !

my rockets are 2.1.