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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dr Andy

Not something i want to write here , but i feel it important enough that it needs to be documented.

earlier this week Andy Cathcart was killed while riding his bike in south africa

This has been a massive blow to my self and everyone i know who knew him

My self and Jayne wish Rona and the family the best of wishes and hope that his repatriation goes smoothly.

From Kirroughtree SXC 2009

Andy doing what he loved. Was only taken 4 weeks ago at the kirroughtree SXC. Seems like a lifetime now knowing its the last time that we will see him mowing down everything in his path !

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Anonymous said...

I'm a current 4th year sport science student at glasgow university and worked close with andy.

He was a fantastic lecturer who always made himself available to discuss problems and offer advise.

The entire course is devestated by the news and would express our sadness and thoughts to andy's family