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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Decided to go expert.....

After much deliberation having not "quite" made the grade for expert for the 09 season i could have kept Schtum and raced sport again. After alot of thinking i decided i might as well get my self into the big boys catagory and "develop". A quick email to Roger at BC and he has let me move into expert based on me missing the Scottish champs in Lui of doing Mountain Mayhem solo.

So for 2009 ill be racing expert cat

Ready to get my arse kicked all over the place and prop up the bottom of the table as its a totally different catagory to the sport where IMHO a slight degree of training guarantees you a good placing ...expert everyone is committed and your gonna get a pasting ....sounds like great fun to me !

Just need to get a bike now .....dont think i can race on my Kona Jake im touring on atm ...and the only other bike i have is a gary fisher rig singlespeed that wont take gear !

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