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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bannockburn classic MTB (35k)

Me and Jayne found our selfs in the Right place right time so we opted to do the 35km Bannockburn Classic on our touring bikes(the kona jake and dew fs).

Mass start of over 700 riders made it interesting with a road lead out to spread us out

From New Zealand Cycle tour

We hit the climbs and i worked my way forward ending up in the leading pack for the start of the long descents and the Crosser was well out its depth on these rocky descents and i had to slow down considerably. Gained back some distance on the final climb but they leaders were well gone.
From New Zealand Cycle tour

Result 1 hour 30 and 13th place in open mens classic
and Jayne 2 hours and 12th place in open female classic

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[results sheet]


Confirmed results up , still have the same placing though :d

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