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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Relentless 24

3 attempts

3 fails ...

Things started off promising for my first relentless finish in 3 tries. Paired up with team mate Mike Milne we set off at a pace that saw us in the top 3 for much of the day after an initial first lap puncture. Although laboured it wasnt an exceedingly hard pace. We fought hard with Colin and Mark (Also ABC team mates) and Neil and Gordon (also ABC) and in the end we just went one step too far and Mikes flu bug reared its head and left him vomiting track side and me at the pits wondering what had happened to him.

our race was over
[Thanks to David Wilson for photos]

Colin and Mark how ever continued to dominate and by the 23 hour mark were discussing whether they neeeded to do more laps or not , the concensus was no they had lapped the second place boys ! Luke and Chris came in second and Gordon and Neil came in third

In solos Mike Webster came 1st vet and Colin Murray came 5th vet

Good weekend and a good finish to the season for most.

Full time prep for new zealand now !

(will add (more non me)photos later off to work now)

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