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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

At times like these you can only laugh

you know those cycling or motor racing videos that always have the rider error/crash section near the end .... well thats what this weekend was like

1. Lost in edinburgh going to Toms
2. we arrived late due to underestimation of the distance
3. My shoes were in my car in ediburgh
4. I missed the start due to trying to find more shoes
5. the borrowed shoes cleats were time so when they eventually clipped in they stuck in...but better than nowt
6. 5 gave me sore knees after 3 laps

But i still had a hoot of a time. Traveled down with Oli Young (honey stinger/bicycle works) Tom Owen (EUCC) and Andy Barlow (Whyte bikes) and it was a propper old school road trip. You know the kind where you stop at services and buy over priced food , make rude gestures as you pass each others vans, realise you have no diesel and neither does the next fuel stop !

The course its self was good , with a large portion of singletrack lovelyness , flat but lovely. MY plans of getting a top 10 went out the window once id forgotten my shoes but i didnt travel 500 miles not to ride so i did 60kms/3 laps in someone elses shoes before thinking , hold on , i have the dream cycling trip to new zealand starting next month and here i am cycling in "not" my shoes doing who knows what to my knees , so i packed that in sharpish.
{photo blatently stolen from Eldrik Hartleys facebook}
Oli finished up on his 5th lap exhausted at around 6 hours , tom came in 2 laps later at 11.5 hours opened the tent door and went to take his shoes off ... he then started screaming i cant cope with this my shoes wont come off i cant cope. So after trying to do it my self we assertained they werent coming off (note specialised ...make your ratchet release more mud friendly) eventually we got them off but by this time tom was shivering madly soaked and freezing and badly drained of energy so no question of another lap from him. Andys team finished 1st in the quads so the trip wasnt a total waste

Effort of the weekend goes to Matt Page for defending his title as D2D solo champ, something never before done !

Still like i said it was a laugh , i couldnt be mad i just had to laugh at my own stupidity and get on with working round the problems!

Relentless this coming weekend , hopefully not actually racing last weekend will leave me with plenty energy for this weekend !

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