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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rough with the smooth

Been pretty lucky with injurys sustained from cycling , apart from concussion and mild epileptic symptoms ive not had any real injurys caused by crashing.

when i was newly 18 my chain snapped on my road bike and i hit the ground at about 20mph ... stupidly not wearing a helmet , then went to a club to see some dj who was playing with my mates. I had bruising round my temple at the time and the strobe lights were giving it some , i was drinking ....and i woke up in hospital

well my newest injury was sustained in a crash at the Selkirk 100km marathon today. misjudged a corner and caught my front wheel on a log , got pitched over the bars and landed chest first on another log suspended off the ground by resting on 2 humps , meaning my hands couldnt hit the ground first like i planned ...

i the log full on with my chest and winded my self badly , i let this subside and thought id keep going , got up , picked up the bike and vomited promptly. I was in so much pain at this point i had to throw in the towel , it hurt to walk , it even hurt to ride in the Mountain rescue landrover.

I got to hospital and was diagnosed with severe abraisions to the chest and 2 broken ribs on the left side. I was sent packing with some co dydramol and come diclofenac tablets and told id wake up in utter agony tomorrow ! GREAT !

Big thanks to the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue service for getting me off the hill in minimal pain and to Micheal from U.S.E for taking me to and from the hospital

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