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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Angus Bike Chain midweek league round 8

Having recovered from the SXC in most ways except for an annoying bruise on the skin surrounding the hamstring tendon, i attended the 5 lap MTB race at glamis

Mike Milne set an easy controlling pace for the first 3 laps in comparison to my normal race stategy of put as much distance between me and the others ASAP and then step back a pace. and him , my self and Mark Smith completed the first 3 laps in unison

at the beginning of the 4th lap Mike took a quick look behind him and stepped on the gas , i followed , Mark was taking a drink from his bottle at the time and missed the boat.

I held mike along the straight and down the singletrack and he pulled over at the bottom of the bridge descent. I continued but at a slower pace to let him catch up , he came back and i hit the gas again. We were neck and neck till the steep back climb where again he dropped well back buti did not notice this till i hit the second steep climb and he wasnt anywhere to be seen which meant he`d dropped 30 seconds at least. i completed the lap and saw Mike limping to the finish with a broken bike and i saw Mark about three mins down on me so just eased the pace back and took it easy with the merida 100k at Selkirk this weekend in mind

legs , lungs and head functioning well and in unison for this event unlike Sunday bit happier now

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