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Friday, 11 July 2008

ABC midweek league round 7

this took place on tuesday in the form of a 26 mile APR round craichie

the groups were john on his own 3 mins then mark and steph then 3mins then mike and colin followed by myself , euan and neil at a further 3 mins

euan started like a steam train and just hauled all the way round , my GPS recorded an average of 39kph for the race ! me and euan dropped neil on the second sharp climb. dont think his chest was agreeing with the effort, much like mine at the first apr trying to keep up with euan.

we continued round passing people and eventually picked up mike milne. We continued round and came to the final climb, both Euan and Mike would outsprint me on the flat to the finish so i made a play on the climb but went slightly to early and was caught out by a false crest and really cramped badly. Finished in third though which im happy enough with , just to finish in the front pack is good enough for me at this as i hate pack racing on the roads ...to many tactics

Round 7: Craichie 25.5 mile APRDate: 8 July 2008 Name Points
1 Euan Ritchie 30
1 Mike Milne 30
3 Terry Davidson 26
4 Mark Smith 24
5 Stef Delaney 22
6 Colin Nicol 20
7 John Dougherty 18
8 Neil Raitt DNF

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