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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

SXC laggan 2008

was going to wait for the results to pop up but there not coming any time soon apparently

First short course XC race for me.

undertook the relitively new task of doing "bottles" for the others in the team as they were in the 11am start and my race was at 2,

managed to get a good grid position despite not being seeded. Race started , with a bit more gusto than im used to. Nothing uncontrolable , decided id let them razz off and go at my "quick but not hurting pace" by the time i came round to the second lap the climb was easy and i could give it more gas. I need to be more assertive in my passing techniques , im too used to at the 10s just sitting behind people till they decide to let me past. other than that it was a good fun race.

at the moment i believe i finished 5th , as i Euan Thorburn won , someone from pedalpower second , Chris Bell third , another pedal power 4th and me in 5th.

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