"if you cant find the time to do something right first time - when will you find the time to do it right the second time "

Saturday, 26 April 2008


spot the idiot , hes easy to spot , hes riding in the woods with no lights in the dark .....

left my dinotte battery pack on the bedroom floor . DOH

still id ridden to the staart of the ride ill be damned if i wasnt going to ride !

rode to uni in the morning 30k - with loaded up trailer , dropping off my thesis

rode 40k over the sidlaws with the trailer , was chuffed to make it from balkello up to the picnic bench in one flawless climbing effort , trailers weight really does give the small block 8s some uber traction in the gooey stuff

then did another 50k at fast pace , this hurt ! the others in the group were on fresh legs , fast fresh legs

160k and just over 3000meters climbed 85% off road
Drank: Not enough

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