"if you cant find the time to do something right first time - when will you find the time to do it right the second time "

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Strathpuffer prep

Cleaning bikes is so depressing and expensive !

today i cleaned my Gary fisher and my santa cruz and pufferised them

on doing so i had to replace pads/BB/chain/tires on the SS (6000ks worth of wear and tear )and the forks on the santa cruz as on the last ride i blew them up , so an expensive afternoon

both bikes now sporting mudguards , my santacruz which i only plan to do a couple of laps on is sporting my old faithful crud catchers and on my gary fisher SS which i plan to do most of my laps on im trying out some new "cycraguards" which came into the shop before xmas , there a bit wider than crud catchers and i dont have to take the seat pin out everytime i want to fit it !

also running a stretched piece of innertube from the fork brace to the crown to stop the front wheel throwing mud forward into my path (face)

the frame have also been coated in TF2 to try and stop the mud clinging too much...i do realise its futile ! and im also going to pump the brake inners on my BB7s full of grease to keep the water out and stop them freezing solid as the gears did 2 years ago at the puffer

got a couple of goals for the puffer but neither of them is to try and win, more personal goals to be honest as prep for nz , and the biggest goal...to keep warm and not catch a post race illness !

should be fun (apparently)

see you there !!


Ewan said...

Hope all your prep pays off whether it's getting your bikes in tip-top condition, or the training cycles into the wild, staying in bothies.

Have you managed to get the smell of wood-smoke out of your clothes?!?

Trail_rat said...

aye ewan , my sleeping bag still stunk of smoke at the puffer but i didnt care it didnt work anyway i didnt get to sleep !

more importantly did you enjoy your self at the puffer?