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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Strathpuffer .....easy ??? never

after an uncertain start to the weekend ....our hire minibus having an invalid tax disk ....arriving in strathpeffer only to be told we cant get onto the campsite till the next morning ....sleeping in the minibus across seats with the windows open ....getting up at 6.30 to check the events actually going ahead

Arriving on site to find a tractor waiting to tow us to impending doom

wind rain and hail trying to steal my tent

, then the race started.

Me and andy chose to use our singlespeed and paul and brian chose to use gears and in a secret ballot i was not informed of it was voted i was the first man to go ....i always bloody am !

ran to my bike which cooper was holding picked it up ran with the rammy for a bit a guy infront grabbed his giant and promptly did a cartwheel ....a skip hop and a jump and we missed that potential accident only to be greated with inch thick sheet glass ice all across the fire road ! so a shimmy up that to be greeted with popses chain having snapped.

Riding along on the ice much to rik allsop and mike milnes amazment to which they exclaimed"how th fuck are you doing that without spikes" .....i promptly fell over hard

the rest of the race followed a similar fashion with my rear wheel intermitantly falling out or my front tire going flat randomly ! but no "major" mishaps and we posted a finishing time of about 24 hours and 39 mins and 26 laps to take 4th place in the quad team event under "Dundee university numpty society"

must go to bed now ...i have been awake for 39 hours on the trott i think thanks to proplus and rockstar juiced

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