"if you cant find the time to do something right first time - when will you find the time to do it right the second time "

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its cold out !

hands up who thought we had had our snow for the year ? Not so up here in aberdeen unfortunantly !

Rode to work with the intention of getting 5 hours on the bike after work. Rode into kirkhill from the overton side and immediately i knew it wasnt going to be a fast 5 hours.

spent the next hour pushing anything vaguely uphill due to the 3 inches of frost crusted snow - Got across the forest and opted to go off into tyrebagger and elrick which was an awful lot less painful to ride. Lots more foot traffic meant nicely compacted snow to ride on. Lovely sun set from the top of then hill too

met up with the ecurie neeps (www.ecurieneeps.co.uk) at 6.30 for their weekly night ride and rode some new stuff and some old stuff.

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