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Monday, 15 February 2010

Consistency is key

after a hit and miss season last year with peaks and troughs of huge magnitude the aim this year is not to destroy but to keep my self kinda level , rather than turn up to a race and take the lottery of either doing really well or DNF id take some lower placings but have a more stable results base - either that or to discover when im going well and when im not so i can plan round it - by the time i know if im going well or not its usually too late to do owt about it !

Anyway i rode with my HRM yesterday at the 4th round of the ABC winter series and got some interesting results

1 hour 10 , average hr of 184 and a max of 191 riding a singlespeed round glamis station woods

Terry Davidson 1 1.12.18 19.05 13.05 13.25 13.10 13.33

Colin Murray 2 1.14.56 19.07 13.28 13.50 14.13 14.18

Mike Webster 3 1.17.40 19.09 13.34 14.35 14.07 15.13

If thats not a consistent pace from me i dont know how to get more consistent ! I eased off on the last lap as the course has a cross over point that i know is about 1min up if i can get there before 2nd place although the times say i didnt ease up that much ! Cracking race but better to see mark back on his bike (not racing but riding at least) hopefully we can get some damage done in late season pairs races this year !

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