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Friday, 31 July 2009

Monikie Duathlons Final round

Managed to blag Pauls Giant TCR advanced for the last round - despite it being "officially" slower than the merida i used for the last round - it fits me better.

Stuck on my profile T2+ bars and away we went

to beat Paul and take 3rd place in the series i had to get a sub 58minutes for the 5k run and 20k cycle.

tried a different technique for the run (i do very little running at the moment due to injury) which was to run at high cadence with short steps - much like my cycling. Rather than big strides , slowely like i usually do. This allowed me to take another 30 seconds off my 5k time and push it down to 21.30

On the bike i felt like this did not help me and i felt slower on the bike overall. Not much slower when looking at the clock but i was slower.

Managed a 57minutes for the event and took 3rd place in senior catagory - no prize as "the entry uptake was too low" despite advertising prizes for top 3 in the main catagorys. Needs to advertise better me thinks !

WWW.Eventfull.biz (thats a freebee - lots of events based in angus needing competitiors)

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