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Friday, 31 July 2009

2009 sid race travel change 80-100mm

From Drop Box

Wanted to change the travel of the above forks to 100mm as you can see from the picture the front end of the race bike was a little low and as a result often found my self using lots of travel and with sore forearms. Id heard several different storys about these internals - 1 that you needed a special pronged tool to do it - 2 that they were 2 different set of forks and that they couldnt be changed. Knowing the second was bullshit , that the 1st could probably be bodged & Being a cycle mechanic to trade i went for an explore. Opting to treat it like a reba.

Tools needed

1 deep drive quarter inch drive 10mm socket (with hole up the center to fit over -ve air
Circlip pliers
5mm allen key
Rubber mallet


  1. First Let the air out both chambers.
  2. Pull rebound adjuster off - needs a firm tug
  3. loosen the resultant 5mm allen key a good few turns but dont remove- ensure there are quite a few threads engaged.
  4. Give the allen key a tap with the rubber mallet
  5. Remove -ve air cap
  6. Unscrew the 10mm foot bolt by sliding the deep drive socket over the air valve.
  7. using something soft - i used an old hammer shaft - give the air valve a tap similar to the allen key.
  8. Remove allen key bolt
  9. Lower legs should now pull off
  10. on the air cartridge side remove the circlip with circlip pliers.
  11. Give the damper a pull and it will remove from the slider
  12. Remove or install the travel adjust spacer as per rebas.
  13. Reinstall damper unit with circlip
  14. Clean out the seals and bushes for reassembly with some fresh 5 weight oil.
  15. Reinstall lowers being careful of seals and bushes.
  16. Reinstall the 5mm allen key and the nut onto the air valve paying attention to the Torque values on the SRAM website
  17. Reinflate fork check the sag marks on the fork and ensure the correct set is availible for the travel settings you think you have
  18. Plug in rebound adjuster ensuring it is fully seated
  19. Enjoy your new front end being plusher and higher !
Warning - Blackbox motion control damper equiped forks EG Team and WC may be different - but i doubt it as the travel adjust is on the air cart side not motion control.

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